The solution

The Quiet Track Monitoring System is provided by Tyréns Solutions AB and IBM.

  1. The on train system is mounted on a train in ordinary traffic and consists of microphones and other equipment to measure and analyze the track conditions.
  2. The central system is being run as a cloud solution and consists of components for storage, graphical interface to show track parameters and to trigger alarms.
  3. The end user can use the graphic interface to understand and view the track conditions. An asset management system is able to communicate in real time with the central system through open API:s.

QTMS provides you with high 
quality data to increase your track maintenance efficiency. 

Tested and certified according to standards

  • The hardware on train system has been tested and approved according to requirements in Railway applications and rolling stock.
    • EN50155-2017 Electronic equipment
    • EN50121-3-2:2016 Electromagnetic compatibility
    • EN61373:2010 Shock and vibration
  • CE marking
  • IP65 International Protection Marking
    • 6 Solid particle protection
      • Dust tight (No ingress of dust, complete protection against contact (dust tight). A vacuum must be applied. Test duration of up to 8 hours based on air flow.)
    • 5 Liquid ingress proctection
      • Protection against water jets, projected by a nozzle against ienclosure from any direction with no harmful effect.