The value of QTMS

QTMS is benificial for all stakeholders and gives a better understanding of the track conditions of the rail network. The effect is improved comfort with a higher availability and a more reliable service.


  • Identification of abnormal levels of wear
  • Identification of potential rail track defects 
  • Calibration of the maintenance requirements
  • Increased understanding of the interaction between vehicle and the track
  • Creates basis for cooperation between operation and infrastructure owner

Beneficial for all stakeholders

Asset owner

  • Better understanding of the track condition of the rail network
  • A tool to set requirements on maintenance contractors and follow up on performance
  • Lower maintenance cost over time
  • Reduce noise levels along the track
  • Increased reliability and traffic capacity

Asset Maintenance contractors

  • Daily support on maintenance planning
  • Strategic maintenance planning based on facts
  • Reduced cost of the daily maintenance work
  • An attractive collaboration partner due to an innovative and sustainable work process

Traffic operators

  • Less number of unexpected failures
  • Increased redundancy and reliability 
  • Decreased number of wheels to be maintained
  • Less delays
  • Less cost due to failure in performance

End users

  • Improved comfort with a higher availability and a more reliable service